Ursa Gaia


Latin word for Bear. Inspired by the constellations Ursa Major (which the Big Dipper is part of) and Ursa Minor (which the Little Dipper is part of). Linking to the universal connection between Earth and Sky, and our place as Earthlings in the Universe.


Greek word for Earth. Inspired by mythological goddess Gaia, who embodied Earth as the ancestral mother of all life. The Gaia Hypothesis has also been used in science to describe the relationships between the living and non-living parts of Earth, such that the system sustains and perpetuates itself. 

Kathryn Williamson is an artist, astrophysicist, and climate change activist. This page is primarily devoted to her art, which often explore the intersections of these identities. Works range from oil, acrylic, & watercolor paintings, drawings, digital art, as well as community art projects. You can view her Earth and Space Consulting Website here

Contact: kwilliamson10 at gmail dot com